Clinical Assessment / Supervision / Therapy

Kansas Mental Health Professionals

Individual Therapy

KMHP clinicians utilize a wide variety of individual therapeutic approaches to meet your specific needs and treatment goals and offer therapeutic interventions for all ages. Common areas of treatment include depression and anxiety, trauma experiences, personality disorders, ADHD, etc.

We love diversity...all are welcome!

Marriage and Family Therapy

KMHP understands that importance of a connected and supportive family system.  We staff clinicians who are licensed to provide therapeutic services to couples and families seeking to address interpersonal dynamics that are causing distress. No matter how long you've been together, let our therapists assist in helping to improve communication, create healthy boundaries, or recover from hurtful incidents.

Psychological Testing

KMHP offers a wide variety psychological testing in the areas of cognitive and emotional functioning, personality assessment, intellectual functioning, learning disorders, and others. Meet with one of our clinicians to find out more!

DBT Groups

KMHP is a full-service therapy clinic that offers Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) groups for adults, and couples. DBT is an evidence-based therapy that treats a wide array of problems. Click below to find out more!