DBT Groups

DBT is an evidenced-based therapy approach that emphasizes skills development to manage unwanted moods, thoughts, and behaviors that interfere with "a life worth living." DBT mobilizes a client's inherent strengths and builds new skills in the most non-judgmental ways. It is one of the fastest growing therapy modalities in mental health and teaches practical, goal-based methods for change. 

KMHP currently offers two groups for DBT skills training: one for individuals, and the other for couples. Both groups are taught in specific modules that cover skills in Emotional Regulation, Distress Tolerance, Mindfulness, and Interpersonal Effectiveness. These groups are presented in an academic or "college-like" style where enrolled clients attend one 1.5-hour class per week, for 6 to 8 consecutive weeks. Enrolled students can expect to experience lecture, weekly homework assignments, and will receive handouts on discussed topics. It is recommended that attendees bring a 2-inch ring binder to organize provided materials. 

Couples group are essentially the same, with the notable exception that each member of the couple must attend all sessions together. This is not a processing group where clients "hash out" their grievances, rather, each couple will benefit from "being on the same page" with learning new skills to support each other and manage unwanted behaviors within the relationship. 

All groups are "closed groups" and only adds new members into groups at the start of each training module. New group members are required to meet with Dr. Latuch for a consultation session before being included into groups. Call KMHP with billing and pricing questions. Insurances and cash are accepted forms of payment.